Intellectual property provides a strong negotiation position when it comes to entering into and maintaining business partnerships. Patent examiners help companies to innovate and grow by granting high-quality patents.

IPOS International

The IP Office of Singapore (IPOS), formerly known as the Registry of Trade Marks and Patents (1937-1999), is a statutory board established in 2001 under the Ministry of Law in Singapore. Since then, IPOS has grown to more than 300-strong, with our employees spread across IPOS and three companies: IPOS International, IP Academy, and IP Value Lab.

IPOS International was founded to provide patent search and examination services, and patent insights for companies around the world. In 2014, IPOS was appointed as an International Authority under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) by the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO). To date, IPOS has been recognized as a competent International Authority by top IP offices including US, Japan, and Indonesia.

This significant achievement enables our office of patent examiners to perform patent search and examinations not just within Singapore, but also for major markets around the world.


To be the global partner for an intellectual property-driven economy



Singapore’s IP regime has grown tremendously and has been consistently making the headlines internationally, having been ranked top 5 by the World Economic Forum and top 10 by the Institute for Management Development.

IPOS International with over 100 patent examiners is pivotal in determining the extent to which an invention is patentable, not just for Singapore patent application but also for PCT patent application which IPOS has been recognized as competent ISA and IPEA, including US and Japan.


Chairman | (English) Daren TANG

(English) Chief Executive
(English) IP Office of Singapore (IPOS)

(English) Dr. LIM Jui

(English) Chief Executive
(English) NTU Innovation and NTUitive

(English) Audrey YAP

(English) Co-Founder and Managing Partner
(English) Yusarn Audrey

(English) Simon SEOW

(English) Director
(English) IP Policy Division, Ministry of Law

(English) Daren TANG

(English) Chief Executive
(English) IP Office of Singapore (IPOS)

(English) CHIAM Lu Lin

(English) Executive Director
(English) IP Academy

(English) Dexter TEO

(English) Executive Director
(English) IP Office of Singapore (IPOS) International