(English) A robust IP rights regime is essential to encourage innovation and growth of commerce. IPOS provides the following services during patent prosecution to enhance patent portfolio management.


Kickstart your patenting process by receiving your search report within 90 days.


Accelerate your patent protection in over 30 countries including US, Europe, China Japan and ASEAN.

Gain Insights

Gain insights of potential new prior art and obtain market intelligence.



Singapore has a trusted legal system with an international reputation for transparency, efficiency, and neutrality. The IP Office of Singapore (IPOS) is positioned geographically to be your IP gateway with the following unique traits:

  • (English) Quality – A triple-check quality procedure conducted by the examiner, buddy examiner and senior examiner, compliant to ISO 9001:2008.

  • (English) Diversity – over 100 Patent Examiners where 90% are PhD holders from academia, law firms, IP offices and industry.

  • (English) Language Proficiency – in 2 or more languages, particularly English and Chinese.

  • (English) Technology Competency – in Pharmaceutical, Life-Science, Chemistry, Material Science, Engineering, Infocomm Technology (ICT), and Semiconductors industries.

  • (English) Global IP Training & Exchanges – with international authorities including the European Patent Office (EPO), United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and Japan Patent Office (JPO).

  • (English) Comprehensive Databases – equipped with patent and non-patent literature databases in both English and Chinese languages.

  • (English) Interviews – Interviews will be conducted between applicant(s) and patent examiner to identify patentable subject matter and advance patent prosecution.

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90% of our patent examiners are doctorates in their fields. Equipped with a comprehensive range of world-class patent and scientific databases to conduct quality patent search and examinations that are ISO-accredited and a triple-check quality process performed by the examiner, the appointed senior examiner, and a veteran examiner.

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IPOS is dedicated to provide an agile and high quality patent search and examination services such as a National IP Office and PCT Search and Examination Authority. We provide a search report within 60 days for your Singapore patent application as a first filing, and within 90 days for your PCT patent application.

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Attention to quality and agility are driving force for IPOS to be appointed as ISA/IPEA by WIPO within 2 years and competent ISA/IPEA of 5 countries including U.S. and Japan within 3.5 years. We provide patent acceleration initiatives (ASPEC, PPH and GPPH) that fast tracks your patent applications in over 30 markets.