About IPOS International

IPOS International is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS), housing over 100 IP experts in areas such as IP strategy and management, patent search and analysis, and IP education and training.

As the expertise and enterprise engagement arm of IPOS, our focus is on helping enterprises and industries use IP and intangible assets for business growth.

Our ambition is to be the Global Centre of Excellence for intangible assets, anchoring Singapore as a hub for global innovation flows. We aim to use our expertise, partnerships and networks in the innovation ecosystem worldwide to bridge possibilities for intangible asset-rich enterprises and industries seeking to grow.


A Singapore where innovative enterprises use intangible assets to grow.


We catalyse industry and enterprise growth by providing IP and intangible asset expertise.

Experts across areas in IA/IP strategy and management, patent search and analysis, and IA/IP education and training
Over 90%
Examiners with PH.D degree in Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals, Chemistry, ICT, Semiconductors or Engineering
Participants (Local/Overseas) trained Annually
Multi-cultural and multi-lingual capabilities with Western & Asian perspectives
Enterprises Engaged
Our Board Members
Mrs Rena Lee (Chairperson)
Chief Executive
Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS)
Mr Winston Chan
Group Managing Partner
FT Consulting Pte. Ltd.
Ms Gladys Chun
General Counsel and Head of Government Affairs
Lazada Group
Dr Michael Fung
Deputy Chief Executive (Industry); Chief Human Resource Officer; Chief Data Officer
SkillsFuture Singapore Agency
Dr Lim Jui
Chief Executive Officer
Ms Audrey Kuah
Former Executive Director, Media Practice, Asia Pacific
Dentsu International
Mr Suresh Sachi
Deputy Chief Executive (Corporate) and General Counsel
Agency For Science, Technology And Research
Kok Kitt-Wai
Acting Managing Director
IPOS International
Mr. Eric Teo
Adjunct Associate Professor, Division of Accounting
Business School, Nanyang Technological University
Our Clients
Accu Healthcare
Addvalue Technologies
Benjamin Barker
Champs Singapore
ChemoPower Technology
Choo Yilin
Creative O Pte Ltd
Concorde Security
Cyclect Electrical Engineering
Ecosoftt Pte Ltd
Express In Music
iHub Solutions Pte Ltd
Instad Pre Fabrication Pte Ltd
Klass Engineering and Solutions
K-One Industries
Kosmode Health Singapore Pte Ltd
KPP Packaging Pte Ltd
Makara Capital
NephTech Pte Ltd
Omni-Plus System Pte Ltd
Orissa International Pte Ltd
Osteopore International
Otsaw Digital
Red Dot Power
Shipping World Logistics Pte Ltd
Singapore Safety Glass Pte Ltd
Spic & Span
ST Engineering Aerospace
ST Engineering Land Systems
Tuck Lee Ice
Vision Advisory
Wateroam Pte Ltd
Wolfcreek Biotech Pte Ltd
Our Partners
Chongqing University
Dubai Department of Economic Development
Enterprise Singapore
Franchising and Licensing Association Singapore
Industrial Property Cooperation Center
International Intellectual Property Commercialisation Council (IIPCC)
Jinan University
Licensing Executives Society Singapore
National Center for Industrial Property Information and Training - Japan (INPIT)
National University of Singapore (NUS)
Renmin University
Singapore Academy of Law
Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT)
Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS)
The SINO-Singapore Guangzhou Knowledge City Administrative Committee (SSGKC)
World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO)
Zhejiang University