How to Perform Prior Art Searches

When charting research and development activities, do you verify if the technology already exists and if it is owned by others? Did you know that you can detect existing similar developments or inventions by simply conducting a prior art search?

Learn to conduct patent searches step-by-step, through our one-day workshop. Discover effective search strategies, apply the use of syntax to increase efficiency, and learn how to identify relevant documents via publicly available databases.


You should possess knowledge of patents, components of patent specification, and understand information presented in search reports. You are also required to bring along a laptop or mobile devices to participate in the practical exercises designed for the workshop.

For more course information, view the How to Perform Prior Art Searches course page.

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25 Nov, 2022 How to Perform Prior Art Searches
09:00 am - 05:30 pm (How to Perform Prior Art Searches)
Online Live Stream + Self Learning
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Panelist Info

IPOS International
Mr Ng Chong Yuan

Mr. Ng Chong Yuan is Faculty of IPOS International. He is a Singapore qualified Advocate & Solicitor and has diverse in-house work experience in technology businesses spanning over about a decade. Currently, as a faculty member of IPOS International, he is teaching and speaking on practice and management courses covering intellectual property (IP) and trade secrets.

Prior to joining IPOS International, he was practising law at an international law firm, specialising in Intellectual Property (IP), Technology and Commercial Laws. As part of this legal practice, he focused on advising and representing clients on broad portfolios of patent and trade mark rights covering many jurisdictions around the world, including USA, EU, CN, SG and AU. His clients included international manufacturing firms, technology firms, foreign law firms and government agencies. His practice experience included IP prosecution, IP court litigation and IP advisory work.

​With an engineering training, Chong Yuan has also tutored and conducted research at the engineering school of a Singapore university. He is also an inventor of a USA patent (no. 6853626).

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