IPOS International continues virtual engagement with Chinese enterprises amidst COVID-19

IPOS International continues our outreach into China – virtually!

While travel is restricted amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, over 700 attendees at five events in China still managed to hear from us in November on how Chinese enterprises can tap on Singapore’s intellectual property initiatives and capabilities to expand and grow.

3rd China-Singapore Trade in Services Innovation Forum, by Jiangsu Provincial Government (中新服贸论坛)

Enterprises from China and other countries are welcome to tap on Singapore’s IP ecosystem to advance their business interests globally. This was the takeaway message from the keynote address on China-Singapore IP cooperation that our Director (IP Academy and Business Development) Kok Kitt Wai gave to 300 attendees at the Jiangsu Provincial Government’s (中新服贸论坛) 3rd China-Singapore Trade in Services Innovation Forum.

Morgan Cao (Senior Assistant Director, Global Engagement) also spoke to 200 participants invited by PatSnap under a sub-forum which focused on international IP protection, on how Chinese enterprises can leverage on Singapore's IP initiatives and policies, such as the ASEAN Patent Examination Co-operation acceleration programme or the Patent Cooperation Treaty route, to gain a fast track when expanding their business overseas with their IP.

3rd Beijing IP Forum (Understanding ASEAN’s IP Policy and Innovation Development), by Capital IP Services Association

Morgan delivered a similar message to 50 attendees at the 3rd Beijing IP Forum, where also he touched on IPOS International’s service capabilities in patent analytics, IP strategy and management consulting, and IP training.

Organised by Capital IP Services Association, the event saw participation from Chinese enterprises which have a business presence in ASEAN, and also featured speakers Soh Kar Liang (representing the ASEAN IP Association), Desmond Tan (representing the Association of Singapore Patent Attorneys), and Moi Sok Ling (representing the Institute of Singapore Trade Mark Agents).

Greater Bay Area IP Trade Expo, by Guangdong Provincial Administration for Market Regulation

Our Director (IP Academy and Business Development) Kok Kitt Wai spoke at the fully virtual Greater Bay Area IP Trade Expo on how businesses can leverage Singapore’s IP ecosystem to grow globally. The event also featured officials from the China National Intellectual Property Administration.

China-Singapore International IP Innovation Service Centre (中新国际知识产权创新服务中心) Training

38 participants from the IP Office of Guangzhou Development District (广州开发区知识产权局) attended a 2-day training programme where they learnt about patent intelligence, IP management in an international context, and international IP dispute resolution from our IP Strategist Dr Sun Ting and other industry speakers.

The training was held in collaboration with the China-Singapore International IP Innovation Service Centre (中新国际知识产权创新服务中心).

Training for Suzhou Industrial Park

Lastly, IPOS International conducted a training for over 100 attendees of Jiangsu’s Suzhou Industrial Park, to enhance the IP knowledge and skills of local enterprises.

The training focused on the needs of these Chinese companies involved in business overseas, delving into topics such as foreign IP filing strategies, international IP dispute resolution, patent Intelligence, and technology commercialisation.

Tap on our multi-cultural and multi-lingual expertise

These initiatives are part of numerous activities that IPOS International has run with our overseas partners to help enterprises and industries use IP and intangible assets (IA) for business growth.

Tap on our team of over 100 multi-cultural and multi-lingual IP/IA experts to drive your organisation’s growth today! Email us at [email protected] or call +65 6330 8660.

Posted on: 18 December 2020
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