Learning about sustainable innovation and the innovation cycle (2020 Republic of Korea-Singapore APEC IP-Business Seminar)

IP creation, protection, and commercialisation – these three spokes in the innovation cycle are key to sustainable innovation, and different stakeholders from governments and business owners, to researchers and academics, play important roles in moving the cycle along.

With that in mind, last week over 100 participants from half a dozen countries including Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, and the Philippines attended a three-part webinar series jointly organised by the Korean IP Office, the Korea Invention Protection Association, and IPOS International.

The attendees gained a behind-the-scenes look into the various IP and innovation promotional initiatives from the Republic of Korea and Singapore, and learnt how the government, research institutes, and enterprises work in tandem to complete the innovation cycle.

Participants also delved into the IP policies of both countries, IP utilisation case studies of successful Korean and Singaporean businesses, as well as technology transfers and industry-university partnerships in both countries.

This webinar series is part of numerous activities that IPOS International has run with our overseas partners, as part of our efforts to help enterprises and industries use intellectual property and intangible assets for business growth.

Posted on: 6 November 2020
IPOS International
IPOS International