Promoting innovation and creativity through patent law (IPOS-USPTO Global IP Academy Workshop)

How does the patent system incentivise technological change and innovation? Last week, 50 public sector participants from ASEAN countries explored this topic as part of a regional online workshop series organised by the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore and the USPTO Global IP Academy.

Alongside panellists from FPA Patent Attorneys and Amica Law LLC, our Director (Patent Search & Examination), Alfred Yip, explored the role of patent law in promoting innovation and creativity, IP policy considerations and its impact to the patent regime, as well as implications for different industry sectors.

He also touched on patent acceleration initiatives that enable innovators and enterprises to gain a competitive advantage as they build and manage their IP portfolio, and commercialise their creations.

This training programme is part of numerous activities that IPOS International has run with our overseas partners, as part of our efforts to help enterprises and industries use intellectual property and intangible assets for business growth.

Posted on: 2 November 2020
IPOS International
IPOS International