Supplementary Examination

Corresponding international applications

9.50 According to Section 2(1), a corresponding international application is a PCT application that:

(l) is an international application from which the Singapore application derived its priority under Section 17; or

(m) is an international application which claims priority to the Singapore application; or

(n) is an international application claiming priority from an application in a convention country that also forms the basis of a priority claim in a Singapore application.

9.51 The corresponding international application need not have entered the national phase in Singapore. For example, a supplementary examination may be requested for a Singapore application that shares a common priority document with a PCT application that has not entered the national phase in Singapore.

9.52 Rule 42A(4) codifies that in the case of a corresponding international application, the IPRP in the international phase (that is IPRP Chapter I or Chapter II) is the final result. If subsequent examinations have been done on the PCT application during its national phase in one or more countries, these are not taken into account in the supplementary examination – the IPRP is still the final result.

9.53 In its simplest form, a corresponding international application refers to the following 3 scenarios (3)(a)-(3)(c) presented in Section 9J of these Guidelines. [See Diagrams 25- 27]

9.54 The following scenarios 3(d) and 3(e) presented in Section 9J of these Guidelines involve divisional applications. [See Diagrams 28 and 29]