The Application

Omnibus claims (Rule 19(9))

5.20 Rule 19(9) requires that the claims shall not rely, in respect of the technical features of  the invention, on references to the description or drawings, unless such a reference is necessary for the understanding of the claim or enhances the clarity or conciseness of the claim.

5.21 Examples of omnibus-type claims that refer broadly to the specification, examples or figures are:

“An infant formula substantially as hereinbefore described with reference to the Examples.”

5.22 Objection should not be taken where a claim refers to sequence listings, tables of atomic coordinates and the like, where recitation of these is necessary for sake of clarity and conciseness. Similarly, if a particular feature cannot be defined in any other manner than by reference to a figure or the like then no objection should be raised. This will include situations such as the invention including a shape (for example, a curved surface) which cannot be defined by means of a formula or the like.