The Application

Statutory requirements

5.1 Section 25 lays down what is required of a patent application. Besides formality requirements for the application, most of which will have been checked during initial processing, this section also provides a number of substantive requirements that the Examiner needs to ensure are complied with.

5.2 Section 25(4) requires that:

The specification of an application shall disclose the invention in a manner which is clear and complete for the invention to be performed by a person skilled in the art.

5.3 Section 25(5) states that:

The claim or claims shall —

(1) define the matter for which the applicant seeks protection;

(2) be clear and concise;

(3) be supported by the description;

5.4 Rule 19 expands upon these formality and substantive requirements and the following section of the Guidelines deals with the application of these requirements during examination.