Patent Analytics Reports
3D Printing in Building and Construction
While 3D printing in the building and construction industry is still in its infancy, it is steadily gaining traction given its potential to revolutionise the industry. Get insights on leading players, interesting innovative technologies and potential white spaces observed from patent data in this field.
Autonomous Vehicles
With the potential to radically transform the transport system and improve our lives, autonomous vehicles have garnered strong traction around the world and the AV market is forecasted to reach about USD 560 billion by 2026. Discover the latest trends and technology leaders in this space, and gain insights on tomorrow’s mobility solutions.
Cloud Security
Facebook. Google+. Microsoft Office 365. These were some of the biggest names that fell victim to cloud-related security breaches in recent years. As more join the list, cyber attacks continue to pose an urgent yet very invisible threat. Explore cutting-edge global patent applications over this past decade that might just be the answers to this growing problem.
Energy-Efficient Desalination Technologies
Population growth, rapid urbanisation and climate change have put tremendous pressure on potable water supplies and security. In fact, the global desalination market is expected to surpass USD 27 billion in value by 2025. Learn about global and local trends through the lens of patent data, and discover up-and-coming players in the market.
Graphene Technologies
As the world strives to maintain its pace of innovation, graphene has much to offer. It is a credible starting point for disruptive technologies; one that could open up new markets and even replace existing technologies or materials. This report examines the landscape of graphene technologies based on graphene-related patent applications published in the last decade (2010-2019).
Healthcare Artificial Intelligence
While artificial intelligence has found its way into many industries, it is only scratching the surface when it comes to healthcare. Robotics-assisted surgery, virtual nursing assistants, and personalised medicine are just some of the many possibilities of healthcare AI. Check out the latest global patent applications to discover top technologies and players in this area.
Human and Machine Collaboration
It's not a case of the Matrix. While artificial intelligence technologies move towards performing more “human” tasks, research is optimistic - instead of displacing employees, the greatest value of AI lies in augmenting human capabilities, enabling people and machines to work together. Understand the state-of-the art, current technologies and trends in this space.