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Singapore Patents Act
(Version in force from Nov  1, 2016)
 The Singapore Patents Act has been revised in 1995, in 2002, 2005 and 2014.  This revised edition entered into force on Feb 14, 2014 and introduced a shift from the present self-assessment system to a positive grant system. This self-assessment system was introduced in Singapore in 1995 as a means of encouraging patent registration. The changes in the 2014 Revised Act, will bring Singapore in line with international standards by establishing a positive grant system. 
Singapore Patents Rules
(Version in force from Nov 13, 2014)
Singapore’s positive grant examination system took effect after amendments to the Singapore Patent Rules were entered into force on 14 Feb 2014.  The key changes were the timelines concerning search and examination to give applicants more flexibility.
The Guidelines aims to provide the Patent Examiner with a better understanding to the application of the Patents Act and Rules during the course of their work.