Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT)

Since patent protection is territorial in nature, one may consider filing an international patent application. The filing of an international patent application under the PCT enables applicants to simplify the patent application process in seeking protection for over 100 countries, in a period of 30 months from the priority filing date.

IP Office of Singapore (IPOS)  is one of the selected group of IP offices in the world to be appointed by the World Intellectual Patent Organization (WIPO). At IPOS, patent search and examination are conducted in English and Chinese to keep up with the crux of the world’s innovation and markets.


A patent office that searches for both English and Chinese prior art.


International Search

SGD 2,240 / USD 1,641

Upon the filing of a PCT application, the respective IPOS patent examiner will proceed to identify the published documents and technical literature which may have an influence on the patentability of the invention. With this, a written opinion on the invention, together with an International Search Report (ISR) will be established, based on the 3 key patentability factors: whether the invention is novel / new; inventive and industrially applicable.

As observed in the WIPO’s 2016 PCT Yearly Review Report, IPOS is the fastest and most efficient patent office under the International Search Authority, with 100% rate in providing ISRs within the stipulated time of 90 days.


International Preliminary Examination

SGD 830

With a request to file for a demand, an IPOS examiner will provide a preliminary and non-binding opinion on patentability.

The international preliminary report on patentability (IPRP, Chp II) provides you the opportunity of evaluating the chances of obtaining patents in elected Offices before incurring the expense and trouble in PCT national phase entry.


Delivery of ISR within 90 days from filing.

Global searches will be conducted in both English and Chinese keywords.

A rebate of up to 75% of the PCT search fees may apply. The rebate shall vary depending on the applicability of the earlier search report and if IPOS is the office of first filing in the earlier search report. A request to rely on the earlier search report must be filed via e-PCT or manual PCT form.