About Our Academy

As Singapore’s only dedicated centre for intellectual property education and training, we help enterprises and industries leverage their intellectual property (IP) and intangible assets (IA) for growth.

Founded in 2003, our academy has established itself as a center of excellence in IA/IP education and training in Singapore and the region. Showcasing a multilingual faculty from both academia and industry, our range of executive training and certification programmes aim to build skills and expertise in the fields of intellectual property law, IA/IP management and value creation.


Our academy has also built a global network of partnerships with institutes of higher learning and professional associations to augment our programmes, seminars and roundtables. Our students and institutional clients are from all over the world, facilitating the sharing of best practices and knowledge. Whether you are a business or public agency* looking to build capabilities in IA/IP management, or an individual seeking a career in this exciting area of IA/IP, we have a suitable programme for your specific needs.


*Check out our IP Training Pathways for Public Officers.



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Only Dedicated Centre for IP Education and Training.


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