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Discover practical tips to protect and leverage your intellectual property (IP) and intangible assets (IA) via our wealth of resources online. From business guides to patent analytics reports, our insights will help you identify and unlock the potential of your most valuable assets.

20 Jun, 2023
Leaving your mark: How to upkeep a successful brand
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16 Jun, 2023
6 Things to Include in Your NDA
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23 May, 2023
5 Risks that Your IP Policy Should Address
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29 Sep, 2022
Digging Deep into Plant-Based Meat
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20 Jun, 2022
Commercialising Dual-Use Technology through Venture Co-Creation
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11 Feb, 2022
Identify Your Most Valuable Assets Through M.A.D. Growth
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11 Oct, 2022
3DP Applications in Built Environment
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15 Sep, 2022
MASS and Smart Ships Technologies
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12 Jul, 2022
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11 Jul, 2023
Vivo Surgical: Medical Device Solutions that Go Beyond Surgery
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16 May, 2023
Crown Digital: From Coffee Beans to Robot Barista
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21 Sep, 2022
Building an IP-savvy Workforce
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Intangible Assets (IA) Chat Session (Complimentary)

Intangible assets (IA) are important business assets and can be key drivers for your companies and organisations. Having a good understanding of intangible assets and how to manage them well can help build strong foundations for growth and expansion.


Discuss your IA/IP-related concerns and queries with us in this complimentary 45-min chat session.

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A list of relevant resources on understanding IP & Innovation and grants support.

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