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News & Announcements

IPISC Study Trip 2024 - The Future is Here: How Digital Technology and Intangible Assets Drive New Growth for Enterprises

News & Announcements

Unleash Your Inner Sherlock Holmes at the 2024 Patent Olympiad


Episode 1 - Safeguarding Your Competitive Edge (Moodware)


We empower enterprises, public agencies, and professionals in unlocking tangible value from their intangible assets (IA) and intellectual property (IP), through holistic advisory and professional development programmes.

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Intangible Assets?

Drive Business Growth

Intangible assets account for 90%* of business value and are the primary drivers of enterprise performance and growth.
*Ocean Tomo, LLC Intangible Asset Market Value Study, 2020

Maximise Value and Profits

Intangible assets contain hidden value and risks that can boost profits and maximise returns when strategically managed well.

Create New Opportunities

Intangible assets allow enterprises to move beyond international borders and scale quickly with the right business and intangible assets strategy.

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