Identify Your Most Valuable Assets Through M.A.D. Growth

Posted on 11 Feb, 2022
By Fu Zhikang, Senior IP Strategist

I have had the good fortune to engage companies of different sizes and industries on intangible asset management. Oftentimes, companies approach me with two types of questions: 1) How do I prevent others from copying my new product and technology? 2) How should I work with partners to expand overseas while retaining sufficient control over my product and services?

Companies struggle with these questions not because they lack the business acumen. On the contrary, the business leaders I have worked with are usually experienced and savvy. Some even come prepared with a list of their registered IP assets. So, what is stopping these business leaders from addressing these questions satisfactorily?

The gap lies in the lack of familiarity with intangible assets (“IAs”), and how they impact the business.

Hence, the first step I take in working with these companies is always to identify what their key IAs are, and to clearly articulate how they drive and support the company’s value proposition and competitive advantages. This process of identifying a company’s intangible assets, and subsequently the associated opportunities and risks, is generally known as an IP audit or diagnostic.

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