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Posted on 16 Nov, 2023
By IPOS International

Headquartered in Singapore, MiyaHealth has a growing global presence that spans across Europe and key parts of Asia, in particular, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines. Recently, the firm successfully secured an additional S$2.4 million, raising its pre-series A funds to an impressive total of S$10.4 million[1]. MiyaHealth is now poised to scale its operations and offer high quality healthcare solutions on a global scale.

As a digital health technology company, MiyaHealth is not just transforming healthcare – it is revolutionising the way patients experience it. Their technologies help patients choose affordable healthcare, manage their chronic illness, and improve the patient experience.

MiyaHealth’s value proposition extends beyond its services. The company has obtained ISO 13485 certification, assuring patients of an internationally recognised standard for quality management systems in the healthcare and medical device industry. This certification provides patients with a peace of mind and offers the company a competitive edge in a highly regulated industry.

At present, MiyaHealth has secured long-term partnerships with prominent healthcare players in its key markets. This includes a leading hospital group in Indonesia and a notable health maintenance organisation in the Philippines, in addition to its extensive network of providers in Malaysia. These strategic partnerships represent essential intangible assets that enhance the company’s capacity to offer comprehensive healthcare and tap on a wealth of medical expertise.  MiyaHealth’s mission is clear: to provide the right healthcare at the right time for everyone, everywhere.

Key Outcomes

  • Formulated a branding and trade mark strategy to build and capture long-term brand equity. Having a well-established brand builds trust and confidence, making it easier for MiyaHealth to grow and expand in other markets

  • Recommended suitable and cost-effective protection and management strategies to safeguard key intangible assets (IA) and intellectual property (IP). This is especially important for MiyaHealth when dealing with external partners such as healthcare institutions and insurance providers

The Innovation

MiyaHealth offers three primary products : MiyaPatient, MiyaPayor, and MiyaProvider. These products are designed to make healthcare processes and services simpler and more convenient for patients, healthcare institutions, and service providers alike.

  • MiyaPatient: Recommends care options to patients based on their needs. The predictive platform uses artificial intelligence (AI) and an avatar “MiyaAvatar” to provide real-time assistance in managing chronic conditions.
  • MiyaPayor: Creates personalised and cost-effective healthcare plans by leveraging AI, patient data and predictive analytics. This not only benefits patients but reduces administrative workload and operational costs for payors. 
  • MiyaProvider: Improves patients’ experience in hospital and clinics around admission and discharge. The offering acts as a bridge to help health insurance companies and hospitals work together more smoothly. 


The Challenge

MiyaHealth was in active discussions with various technology and industry partners. In these negotiations, the protection of the company’s key IA/IP was paramount. Without safeguarding its innovative technologies, MiyaHealth risked sharing its solutions, potentially enabling others to replicate its technologies without any means for MiyaHealth to stop them. The failure to adequately protect these assets could also hinder negotiations and lead to unfavourable terms in agreements.

The Solution

To guide MiyaHealth in focusing on the assets that contribute most to the company’s competitive advantage and business value, the IP Strategists at IPOS International first identified the start-up’s key IA and IP. They highlighted potential risks to MiyaHealth’s business development and commercialisation plans to allow the company to mitigate these risks proactively. 

Next, the team advised the health-tech firm on the protection of its brands and trade marks in core markets. It also guided the company on how to manage IA when working with external partners, such as deciding who owns what when developing new technology together. This can be done by structuring the IP ownership in contracts and defining rights positions for the various partnerships. The recommendations included IP management tools and frameworks to empower the company to manage its key IA/IP holistically. 


MiyaHealth gained valuable insights on how to protect its core IA, which aided them to incorporate contractual protections within their agreements. Acting on the recommendations of our IP Strategists, MiyaHealth also proceeded to register some of its trade marks in pivotal markets. This strategic move allowed it to position itself more robustly in key markets, providing substantial support for its commercialisation plans. 

[1] https://www.businesstimes.com.sg/startups-tech/startups/health-tech-startup-miyahealth-concludes-pre-series-fundraise-s104-million

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