IP Expert Series - Staying Strong With Intellectual Property (IP) Protection

If you’re in a creative, fast-moving industry like ICT & Media, you most likely have innovations or technologies that you must protect to stay afloat. Are you aware of your intellectual property rights (IPR)? Could you be unknowingly infringing on others’ IPR, due to overlapping claims on applications, products, services, infrastructure or devices? In an industry where many businesses encounter significant IPR-related issues, how can your business stay strong with IP protection?

Discover what you must do to protect your business against potential disputes, while leveraging your intangible assets (IA) and IP against competitors. Join Victor Neo (Co-founder of REVEZ Corporation, a leading CreativeTech company specialising in multimedia, ICT, Deep Tech, Industrial Automation, Cybersecurity, and Smart Integrated Spaces) and Dixon Soh (Director of CHP Law) for a dialogue session as they share perspectives of entrepreneur and IP professional on:

• What typical IP rights can be found in an ICT & Media company

• How to ensure that your IP protection is done correctly

• How businesses can leverage on IP protection to gain competitive advantage

This webinar is part of IPOS International’s IP Expert Series where IP experts share actionable tips on IP and intangible asset management. This edition spotlights the Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) & Media industry and is an associated event for IP Week@SG 2022.


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