Unleash Your Business’ Potential with IP Ready™

What is IP Ready™?

IP Ready™ is a capability-building programme designed to help enterprises manage their intangible assets (IA) and intellectual property (IP) to achieve specific go-to-market goals. Our IP Strategists will partner you to address your business challenges, develop an IA/IP strategy, create sustainable systems, and build invaluable skills to support your next business move and beyond.



Are you IP Ready™?

If you have proprietary technology or products and are aiming to expand globally, launch innovative offerings, collaborate on transformative technologies, invest in research and development, or develop new business models – IP Ready™ is here to get you there.



Why choose IP Ready™?

Your innovations fuel your business growth. Harness your innovations fully by managing your intangible assets (“IA”) and intellectual property (“IP”):

Expand globally

Venture beyond your local market and seize global opportunities. IP Ready™ empowers you to expand into new international markets with confidence, leveraging your IA and IP assets.

Go to market faster

Develop, launch, and monetise your innovative offerings. IP Ready™ strengthens your go-to-market strategy by guiding R&D decisions and monetisation strategies, and securing your IA and IP assets.

Partner effectively

Let collaboration boost growth – not drag you down. Whether it is R&D, licensing, or business collaborations, IP Ready™ guides you in navigating IA and IP considerations to advance your commercial interests.


Get started with IP Ready™

Our experienced IP Strategists are your partners in this journey to harness your IA and IP for growth. Reap the most from your innovations, and build your capabilities to best manage your IA and IP through our proprietary ASSET framework:


IP Ready ASSET Framework


Get Started with IP Ready™

Ready to propel your enterprise towards global expansion, innovation, and success? Kickstart your journey with IP Ready™ today to advance your commercial interests – chat with our experienced IP Strategists here.

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IP Ready™ is part of our wider efforts towards realising the Singapore IP Strategy 2030 – a national strategy that supports enterprises and the wider innovation community to leverage their IA/IP for growth. To read more about SIPS 2030, visit the Singapore IP Strategy 2030 webpage.