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Most start-ups are aware that intellectual property (IP), and more broadly, intangible assets (IA), are key to its value. However, amongst competing demands of R&D, fundraising, business model validation, etc., start-ups often do not have the time to look into what appears to be a particularly technical and legalistic topic. We are here to help.

Our IP Start programme helps start-ups like you take charge of your IA and IP with curated resources, practical advice, and hands-on guidance.

Get answers to the top 3 IA/IP questions that start-ups ask:

How do I protect my technology and product?

  1. Should I get a patent?
  2. What other forms of IA/IP are relevant to me?
  3. How do the various IP registration processes work?

How do I articulate the value of my IA/IP to investors?

  1. What are my key IA/IP?
  2. How is IA/IP valuable to my business?
  3. How do I value my IA/IP?

How do I work with partners?

  1. What form of partnership is more suitable for me?
  2. Are the terms of my research collaboration or licensing agreement fair?
  3. Will my partner/manufacturer misuse my secrets?
We’ve advised over 200 companies on IA and IP issues to date. We intimately understand how start-ups can navigate these issues. IP Start will give you the head start you need to manage your IA and IP, navigate obstacles, and prepare you for scaling.
Here’s what you’ll get for FREE:
  1. 45-min consultation on your IA and IP
  2. IP Essentials for Businesses course
  3. IP Playbook for Start-ups
  4. How-to video on applying for patents

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Introducing our brand new ‘IP Start Achiever’ badge! Start-ups who complete these 3 simple steps will earn the ‘IP Start Achiever’ title and digital badge that you can showcase on your website:


  1. Participate in an accelerator or incubator programme by our IP Start partners
  2. Have one or more founders or CXOs complete our ‘IP Essentials for Businesses’ course
  3. Complete a table that aligns your competitive advantages to your IA/IP

IP Start Achiever Badge

The ‘IP Start Achiever’ badge symbolises your enterprise’s dedication to innovation for business growth, and commitment to leveraging IA/IP to scale. Display it proudly on your website to show off your innovative spirit to investors, customers, and valued stakeholders!



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