NextTech Asia 2022 / NextUp Singapore 2022

Posted on 17 Nov, 2022
By IPOS International

(Pictured above) L-R: Jamie Soon (Co-organiser of NextUp: Singapore 2022), Jules Hammond (CEO of BeFC), Vincent Bouchiat (CEO of Grapheal), Eric Khoo (Deputy Director, Global Engagement), Lai Ye Siang (IP Strategist), Fu Zhikang (Deputy Director, IP Strategy Solutions), Felix Lim (Assistant Director, Global Engagement)

IPOS International recently hosted the two start-up winners of NextUp: Singapore 2022, a DeepTech start-up pitching competition to Asian venture capitalists. First-prize winner BeFC and runner-up Grapheal worked with our IP Strategists through a M.A.D. GrowthTM coaching session to gain a better understanding of their intangible assets (IA) and IP portfolio.

Coming from the energy and MedTech sectors, the two start-ups experienced first-hand how to articulate why these assets drive and support their companies’ value proposition and competitive advantages. This goes a long way in attracting investor interest, securing financing for R&D, and opening up new revenue streams to grow and scale globally. Both winners own unique technologies with a digital component: BeFC enables data opportunities by empowering IoT and single-use devices using their paper biofuel cells and low-impact printed electronics. Grapheal creates wearable sensors that detect and monitor infection biomarkers “live” in minutes, using only a simple smartphone.

During the consultation, our strategists Fu Zhikang, Lai Ye Siang, and Andrea Chiu shared valuable insights on the local and regional IP landscape, along with unique considerations for effective IP management relevant in the Singapore market. It was indeed rewarding to work alongside these upcoming “NextUp” innovations to catalyse growth by providing our IA and IP expertise. For start-ups who are keen to take charge of your IA and IP, do check out our IP Start programme for curated resources, practical advice, and hands-on guidance.


About NextUp: Singapore 2022

The NextUp: Singapore 2022 is organised under the NextTech Asia programme, which promotes several Tech4good verticals including DeepTech. This programme is supported by organisations such as La French Tech, Business France, BPI from France and EDB, SG Innovate, and IPOS International from Singapore.


About NextTech Asia

NextTech Asia is a unique non-profit program promoting several Tech4Good verticals and supported by all La French Tech communities in the Asia Pacific. The objective is to facilitate French start-ups’ penetration into Asian markets by bringing together the local Tech4Good ecosystems through a series of events.