Obtaining and protecting intellectual property rights is a strategic necessity for businesses.  The IP Office of Singapore (IPOS) International and its patent examiners help businesses innovate and grow by ensuring the grant of high-quality patents.

IPOS International

The IP Office of Singapore (IPOS) International was founded to provide high quality patent search and examination and patent analytics services. The parent IPOS, is a statutory board established in 2001 under the Ministry of Law in Singapore. At present, IPOS has more than 300 people including its subsidiaries.

IPOS has been appointed as an International Authority under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) by the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) in 2014. To date, IPOS has been recognized as a competent International Authority by IP offices around the world including USA, Japan, Mexico, Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand. In order to reduce time taken for patent applications to grant, IPOS is a member of numerous patent acceleration initiatives, covering a network of more than 30 countries.

Our Quality Policy | We strive to work together with our customers to provide high quality products and services which are delivered in an efficient and consistent manner. We are committed to continually improve our systems, practices and programs in order to provide robust intellectual property rights that will foster a thriving and vibrant Singapore intellectual property environment.


To be the global partner for an intellectual property-driven economy


Build and sustain a world-class Patent Search and Examination capability that:

  • Supports a strong patent regime which serves an
    innovation driven economy;

  • Caters to the patent analysis needs in Singapore;

  • Is a motive force in sustaining a vibrant IP ecosystem

so as to foster innovation and creativity for Singapore's future growth.


Singapore’s IP regime has grown tremendously in the past 80 years. The business-friendly IP regime has been consistently ranked as one of the best in the world, and has helped bolster the confidence of leading global companies to select Singapore as their location of choice for investments in business and R&D.

IPOS International takes pride of our 100 (and growing) patent examiners who have active interests in improving the quality of patents. With our business-friendly solutions, IPOS International takes a proactive step in engaging with businesses to promote innovation and patent filing strategies for both international (PCT) and domestic (SG) patent applications.


Chairman | Daren TANG

Chief Executive
IP Office of Singapore (IPOS)

Dr. LIM Jui

Chief Executive
NTU Innovation and NTUitive

Audrey YAP

Co-Founder and Managing Partner
Yusarn Audrey

Simon SEOW

IP Policy Division, Ministry of Law

Daren TANG

Chief Executive
IP Office of Singapore (IPOS)


Executive Director
IP Academy

Dexter TEO

Executive Director
IP Office of Singapore (IPOS) International