Navigating IP Issues in R&D Collaborations

Learn to address the intellectual property management (IPM) considerations that arise in R&D collaborations, in this newly-developed course!

Understand the fundamentals of IP management and how it can help to extract value from R&D, the various models of IP ownership and their implications, and risk-mitigation in R&D collaborations.

Participants will be provided with a toolkit of helpful resources to help them navigate the IPM issues and queries they may face after the course.

Participants are assumed to have some basic knowledge of the various types of IP. Otherwise they are strongly encouraged to attend the IP/IPM Course for Public Agencies prior to attending this course.

As this course makes references to relevant government Financial Circular Minutes (FCMs), this course is only open Public Agencies* officers involved in publicly-funded R&D activities.

[*Public Agencies refers to Ministries, Organs of State, Departments, Statutory Boards, Institutions of Higher Learning, publicly-funded research institutes, academic medical centres and hospitals, and other Government or public corporatised entities.]

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  • Contact Norima Sarnon: 6705 2373

Learning Objectives

Understand the fundamentals of IP management and how it can help to extract value from R&D.
Understand the Singapore National IP Protocol and the key principles for the management and translation of IP generated by publicly-funded R&D.
Identify the various models of IP Ownership and their implications, for example: - Creative Contribution - Issues with Joint IP Ownership - IP Fragmentation - Identify the strategies to ensure that the collaboration agreement reflects the desired IP ownership agreement.
Mitigate risks and other third-party IP considerations in R&D collaborations, e.g.: - Avoiding infringement of third-party IP rights; - Handling and protecting invention disclosures effectively; - Managing risks when dealing with third parties.
Acquire “hands-on” knowledge through case study discussions of R&D collaboration scenarios.
Navigate through the documents and references that could be used in the toolkit.

Who Should Attend

Legal counsels
Principal investigators
Project officers / managers
Research grant administrators / managers
Technology transfer officers / managers
Other officers across public agencies, who handle matters involving IP in R&D
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15 Aug
16 Aug
09:00 am - 12:30 pm
Course Fee
  • $588.60 (incl. 9% GST) 
Terms and Conditions
  • Full payment of course fees must be made to IPOS International upon course registration (with credit terms as stated in the invoice, if applicable).
  • IPOS International reserves the right to deny admission to participants who have not made payment before course commencement, if applicable.
  • Any request for withdrawal or refund is subject to approval by IPOS International’s management.
  • Request for substitution has to be made in writing via email at least 3 working days before start of course date and is subject to acceptance by IPOS International.
  • IPOS International reserves the right to cancel or postpone any programme due to unforeseen circumstances. A full refund will be given to registrants if the course is cancelled by IPOS International.
  • IPOS International reserves the right to make any changes to the programme.

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