Business Guides
Building A Strong Brand
Brands are much more than marks of origin. They deliver your product or service promise, encompassing your personality and values. Find out how you can create a strong, enduring brand that lasts for years, and how to build and maintain protection for it.
Making Money From Your IP
Your intangible assets may have more market potential than you can realise with your resources. A monetisation strategy can make your intellectual property work harder for you. Uncover how you can license or franchise your IP, and create additional income streams with them.
Making Tax-Efficient Use Of Your Assets
Businesses that develop and leverage intellectual property may be able to reduce their tax bills by claiming reliefs or deductions. Tax may also be a consideration in strategic IP management. Read on to discover how investing in IP can be made a tax-friendly activity.
Unlocking Your IP’s Financing Potential
Keeping ahead of the competition requires continuous innovation, which may require external sources of funding. Learn how your intellectual property and intangible assets can help your business secure grants, equity and debt funding.
Uncovering Your Hidden Value
Your intellectual property and intangible assets are probably the most important and valuable assets your business owns. Discover how you can benefit from an IP valuation, when is the best time to conduct one, and how to get the most out of the entire process.
Upholding Your IP Rights
Intellectual property rights have special value because they have the backing of the law to enforce them when required. Recognise actions you can take if you think someone else is encroaching on your creative or inventive work, or if you are accused of infringement.
Keeping Your IP Out of Trouble
Intellectual property provides a great way to stop competitors from benefiting unfairly from your hard work. The more successful you are, the more likely it is that they will try. Get on top of how to manage and reduce intangible assets-related risks to your business.
Planning For Success
Intangible assets and intellectual property should be an integral part of your business planning to make sure you make the very best use of your assets and rights. Find out how you can create an effective IA/IP strategy and boost your business success.
Going Global
Looking to sell, distribute or produce your product or service outside Singapore? Do not forget that the IP rights protecting your business are mostly territorial. Get insights on how to avoid the pitfalls and reap the benefits of doing business internationally.
Knowing Your Competition
When you invent or create, it is vital to know whether what you have uncovered is novel. Targeted searches can help you find out what others are doing and gain valuable strategic insights. Read on to learn how and where to find this information.
Making Best Use Of All Your Valuable Assets
To manage your intangible assets and intellectual property well, you have to know what it is, where it is, how it works and whether it is doing the job intended. An IP assessment provides an ideal starting point. Learn what this process involves and which route is right for you.
Managing Your Most Valuable Assets
To make the most of your intangible assets and intellectual property and ensure they are not lost or damaged, you will need to put procedures and documentation in place. Discover what you need to have in your ‘toolkit’ to manage your most valuable resources effectively.
Partnering For Commercial Advantage
Collaboration can boost speed to market by providing access to other people’s innovations, specialist resources and know-how. However, the process to be carefully managed for optimal business outcomes. Find out how you can best partner safely and successfully.
Creating Business Assets From Your Ideas
Successful, competitive businesses are innovating all the time — meaning that new ‘intangibles’ are continuously being created. Discover how you can identify, capture and safeguard your new ideas, inventions and creative works.
Safeguarding Your Competitive Edge
Intangible assets and intellectual property will help your company build value, manage risks and achieve your business objectives. Learn how to establish and enforce rights to protect your inventions, brands, designs and creative works against imitators.