Commercialising Dual-Use Technology through Venture Co-Creation

Posted on 20 Jun, 2022
By Origgin Ventures, Cap Vista and IPOS International

This guide is co-authored by Origgin Ventures, Cap Vista and IPOS International. It spotlights the growing opportunities for deep tech with dual-use applications in both commercial and defence sectors, and a roadmap for commercialising them.

Over the last decade, technological evolution has emerged to become one of the most prevalent and rewarding landscapes for commercialisation. With the acceleration of technology advancements in the innovation landscape, the growth of technology start-ups has been spurred rapidly. This includes the subset of deep technology start-ups which holds the promise of disruptive change, but faces greater complexities in successful commercialisation.

Deep technology – also known as deep tech, refers to “technologies that are based on tangible engineering innovation or scientific advances and discoveries”. It has the potential to solve real-world problems with enduring socio-economic impact. It spans geographical boundaries and cuts across various industries, overcoming challenges brought on by threatening pandemic diseases or viruses, climate change, or home and personal safety. However, deep tech also faces obvious challenges in both research and development (R&D) and commercialisation, which dampens its mission to benefit mankind and the world at large.

This guide seeks to shines a light on the growing opportunities for deep tech with dual-use applications that apply to both commercial and defence sectors. It explores the intricacies involved in building such start-ups, and how ecosystem players are enabled through the Venture Co-Creation (VCC®) framework – co-developed by Origgin Ventures and Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR). This guide also showcases how Cap Vista, the venture capital arm of the Ministry of Defence, plays an important role in supporting the success of these companies working with dual-use technologies. Lastly, it concludes with IP management strategies to help deep tech start-ups sustain their competitive advantages, and continue fighting the good fight in making this world a better place.


About The Authors

Origgin Ventures focuses on the investment and commercialisation of defensible patents from the universities and research institutes through the Venture Co-Creation (VCC®) approach.

Cap Vista is the strategic investment arm and fully-owned subsidiary of the Defence Science and Technology Agency (DSTA), a statutory board under Singapore’s Ministry of Defence.

IPOS International is part of the IPOS Group, and we enable Singapore’s future growth as a global hub for intellectual property (IP) creation, commercialisation and management.