AgriG8 – Bridging the Gap Between Farmers and Financing

Posted on 02 May, 2024
By IPOS International

Smallholder farmers across Asia are crucial players in global food security, producing up to 70% of the food supply in certain countries. Yet, they often grapple with substantial hurdles in accessing the necessary financial services to maintain and grow their operations. Enter AgriG8, a pioneering agri-fintech company based in Singapore, with a mission to bridge the gap between farmers and financial institutions. AgriG8’s innovative technology helps ensure that smallholder farmers receive the financing they need to thrive while enabling lenders to appraise them more effectively.


The Innovation

AgriG8's breakthrough is CropPal, a fun and user-friendly platform where farmers can effortlessly record their farming activities. This simultaneously helps in monitoring and managing their operations, and provides AgriG8 with valuable data to predict future yields. This predictive capability allows AgriG8 to spotlight high-performing farmers, who can benefit from discounted agricultural supplies and favourable borrowing rates. Financial institutions, in turn, gain deep insights from AgriG8 to make well-informed lending decisions that bolster farmer support to the food supply chain.


The Challenge

AgriG8’s mission is enabled by their robust platform, developed through collaborations with various stakeholders including farmers, lenders, and non-governmental organisations across multiple jurisdictions. These networks and partnerships are critical, forming the intangible assets (IA) that fuel AgriG8's innovative offerings. However, navigating the complexities of managing these IA along with their intellectual property (IP) within these collaborations, presents a formidable challenge. To leverage these assets for growth, AgriG8 needed a comprehensive framework to safeguard and manage the IP rights derived from these partnerships. Having an IA management framework prevents the loss of valuable IA, and mitigates against the risk of inadequate rights to support commercialisation and expansion.


The Solution

The IP Strategists at IPOS International dove into the heart of AgriG8’s operations to pinpoint the key intangible assets that give AgriG8 a competitive edge. They crafted a meticulous strategy for managing these assets with external partners, starting with clarifying the partnership aims and roles of each party. This strategic roadmap clarifies rights positions within partnerships, and sets up vital control points and confidentiality arrangements that maximise benefits from collaborative endeavours.

Our team collaborated with AgriG8 to achieve the following:

  • Identified critical intangible assets (IA) underlying their proprietary system, so that measures can be put in place to protect them throughout the product development phase

  • Conducted a high-level assessment of IA to guide strategic business decisions and facilitate international expansion initiatives

  • Provided expert recommendations on managing IP risks and securing important IP rights to support commercialisation goals

This ensured that AgriG8 could protect its innovations during product development, guide business decisions at a strategic level, and prepare for broader international market entries.



AgriG8 was able to understand how best to protect its key IAs, especially in structuring protection and control measures within its agreements. This foundation not only secures its current operations but paves the way for its international expansion.  AgriG8 can continue to extend its reach and impact in connecting financial institutions with the backbone of our food systems—smallholder farmers. This strategic approach assisted AgriG8 in scaling its solutions globally, creating a more resilient and inclusive agricultural finance ecosystem.

Watch how AgriG8’s intangible assets come into play to protect a single product.


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