TiNDLE Foods – “Ridiculously Good” Foods Made from Plants

Posted on 07 Mar, 2024
By IPOS International

As the world’s appetite for meat grows, food animal production is estimated to be responsible for nearly 15% of total greenhouse emissions. Against this backdrop, a Singapore-based food tech start-up has embarked on a bold mission. It aims to create a more sustainable global food system with its plant-based meat products, one delicious bite at a time.

Meet TiNDLE Foods, formally known as Next Gen Foods, a leading maker of plant-based foods including chicken, sausages, and dairy products that are equally as tasty as the real deal but produced with a much smaller environmental footprint. To conceptualise and develop its range of offerings, the company invests extensively in research and development (R&D) at its Global Innovation Centre in Singapore. These efforts are guided by a diverse team of experienced food scientists and technologists.


Key Outcomes

  • Identified key intangible assets (IA), highlighting the risks associated with the company’s business plans and recommending strategies to mitigate these risks

  • Reviewed the company’s existing partnership agreements, finding IA gaps that can be improved by renegotiation and providing considerations on effectively managing IA in future partnerships

  • Provided recommendations to strengthen IP protection of the company’s technology to form stronger barriers to entry for competitors


The Innovation

TiNDLE Foods gained attention in the food scene with the debut of its flagship product, TiNDLE Chicken. It is a plant-based chicken that delivers mouthwatering flavour, texture, and quality to consumers. Meat lovers are promised the same familiar experience of eating chicken thanks to the addition of LIPITM, the company’s proprietary blend of plant-based ingredients. This blend emulates both the taste and aroma of chicken. Versatile enough for a multitude of cuisines, TiNDLE has appeared on the menus of restaurants across Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and the United States.

Recently, TiNDLE Foods rolled out its latest creation, TiNDLE Chicken Pieces, marking its first product to be entirely conceptualised, produced, and exported out of Singapore. Foodies can also look forward to new categories of plant-based alternatives, including sausages and milk, as the company has expanded into a diverse range of product offerings for every meal of the day.


The Challenge

Throughout its journey of innovation and product development, TiNDLE Foods cultivated a wealth of valuable IA, including proprietary technologies and specialised knowledge. These IA are the main ingredients in the success of the food tech start-up, giving it its competitive edge in this rapidly growing space. By seeking the protection of its IA, TiNDLE Foods could thwart competitors from piggybacking off its hard-earned research and technology to launch copycat products. However, the company faced the challenge of identifying its key IA and the accompanying risks.

TiNDLE Foods also strategically forged partnerships with key industry players spanning the supply chain, vital for scaling up and commercialising its food products. Yet these partnership agreements presented potential risks that must be carefully considered when managing IA. With the company setting its sights on international market entry and expansion, it needed to develop a comprehensive IA strategy to support its business plans. This tailored framework would guide TiNDLE Foods in managing its IA-related risks and sustaining its competitive advantages.


The Solution

The IP Strategists at IPOS International worked closely with TiNDLE Foods to identify the pivotal IA driving its competitive edge. This enabled the start-up to develop a deeper understanding of the risks associated with IA as it executed its business plans. The team also recommended steps to mitigate these risks, such as:

  • Renegotiating existing partnerships to address gaps

  • Considering IA in future partnership negotiations

  • Implementing internal IA management systems and processes

  • Pursuing IP registration where appropriate

  • Seeking practical guidance on building and protecting brand value


With a strategic plan firmly in place, TiNDLE Foods was able to strengthen the protection of its IA, safeguarding not only its assets but also its ambitions. The start-up addressed the gaps in its IA management, successfully launching its plant-based products globally and entering new partnerships to facilitate international expansion. It is now confident in its capability to sustain competitive advantages derived from its owned and controlled intangible assets.

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