Vivo Surgical: Medical Device Solutions that Go Beyond Surgery

Posted on 11 Jul, 2023
By IPOS International

Vivo Surgical is a patient-focused, clinician-driven medtech developer and manufacturer. The start-up works closely with clinicians to ensure its products are designed and developed to address specific medical needs.

Headquartered in Singapore with a commercial presence in multiple international territories, the company is pioneering a novel and differentiated endoscopic robot for complex endoluminal surgeries along the gastrointestinal tract. Through co-innovation partnerships spanning areas from in-cavity surgical lighting to flexible endoscopy, Vivo Surgical fosters a close collaboration with leading clinical key opinion leaders, health systems, and research institutes to accelerate the implementation and adoption of its proprietary technologies.

ISO 13485 certified with international safety accreditations such as the Food and Drug Administration and CE mark, Vivo Surgical places a firm emphasis on having strong intellectual property (IP) protection to further enhance the credibility and robustness of the business. This has paved the way for strategic business and technology collaborations with larger international players, accelerating the downstream commercialisation of its innovations for the global healthcare market. 

Key Outcomes

  • Identified intangible assets (IA) that are key to the business so that processes can be put in place to protect these IA during product development

  • Conducted a high-level assessment of IA to inform strategic business decisions that can improve the bottom line

  • Proposed recommendations to manage IP risks and secure important IP rights in a timely manner to support commercialisation in targeted market

The Innovation

Vivo Surgical is pioneering a flexible endoscopic robot, ERES, transforming the way complex endoluminal procedures are performed along the gastrointestinal tract. The technology is differentiated from the rest of the field, with ERES helping surgeons to operate with better precision and enabling patients to recover faster and with fewer complications.

Vivo Surgical’s other clinical solutions also include ENLYT, a soon-to-be launched portable endoscopic diagnostic device to help surgeons screen for signs of early cancers, even in non-clinical settings. It will complement their existing product KLARO, a versatile in-cavity lighting device used to illuminate deep and narrow surgical spaces that are challenging to illuminate with traditional overhead operating theatre lighting or surgical headlamps alone.

The Challenge

Vivo Surgical works with various industry partners to support its research and development efforts and commercialise its innovations in key markets. Recognising the importance of IP rights in the business, Vivo Surgical wanted to identify the specific areas that required attention. The aim was to formulate a robust IA and IP strategy that manages risk and capitalises on the value of its IA to support the company’s go-to-market plan.  

The Solution

The IP Strategists at IPOS International worked with Vivo Surgical to identify the company’s key IA and IP and highlighted the potential risks that could impact its market-entry and commercialisation plans. The team guided Vivo Surgical on how to effectively mitigate its IA-related risks, specifically regarding partnerships, licences, and protection of its technology and brands in the desired markets.


Vivo Surgical gained a clearer picture of its existing IA portfolio and associated risks. Following the review, the company expanded its IA portfolio to protect its technologies and business more comprehensively. In addition to patents, Vivo Surgical uses trade secrets, registered designs, and trade marks in its holistic IA protection strategy. The company also leverages regulatory approvals and strategic partnerships to safeguard its competitive advantages in its key markets.

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