Posted on 21 Jul, 2022
By IPOS International

Xnergy is a Singaporean energy start-up with a mission to optimise sustainable power delivery solutions to robots, as a catalyst to the global acceleration of Industry 4.0 transformation. Seeking to strengthen its operations and drive expansion, Xnergy worked with IPOS International to uncover its business potential through an intangible asset (IA) audit, followed by developing an IA strategy to achieve their desired organisational outcomes.

Key Outcomes

  • Enabled Xnergy’s management to make more informed decisions around collaboration and commercialisation, where IA are a key consideration through increased awareness of the value of its IA and impact on business

  • Identified key assets driving the business and potential risks

  • Developed IA strategy aligned to business and provided frameworks to manage intangible assets and mitigate risks

The Innovation

Founded in 2018, Xnergy specialises in safe, cost-effective, and scalable fast charging solutions for industrial robots and electric vehicles. Its proprietary contactless charging technology has been tested and proven in pilot projects, which successfully increased robotic operations uptimes and optimised battery usage to save costs for its clients.

The Challenge

Xnergy was looking to effectively increase its manufacturing capacity and enter new markets for growth. In exploring potential collaborations with overseas partners, Xnergy found that it needed to provide access to its IA underlying its charging solutions to external parties. Its management was concerned about the potential exposure of its unique IA and wanted to mitigate these risks.

The Solution

IP Strategists at IPOS International worked with Xnergy management to first gain a deeper understanding of the business and clearly identify the IA that was key to achieving its business goals. A holistic action plan was then recommended to help the company implement processes to strategically manage these core assets and protect its competitive edge as it moves towards commercialisation.


As a start-up with limited resources at its disposal, Xnergy wanted to direct them where they would make the greatest impact. Recognising key IA that directly supports and drives its business model enabled Xnergy to effectively prioritise these resources and make informed decisions on a tight budget. With a clear overview of the risks and gaps in its existing protection strategy, the company was also empowered to better secure its IA rights to protect its current and future innovations.

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