Autonomous Vehicles

Posted on 02 Jan, 2019
By IPOS International

Discover the latest trends and technology leaders in this space, and gain insights on tomorrow’s mobility solutions.

With the potential to radically transform the transport system and improve our lives, autonomous vehicles (AVs) have garnered strong traction around the world and the AV market is forecasted to reach about USD 560 billion by 2026. Vehicles with varying levels of self-driving capability are already commercially available. Most automobile manufacturers have pledged to have at least semi-autonomous systems available by 2020, and many industry experts predict that it will take only a few more years after that for fully autonomous cars to hit the road.

The development of autonomous driving is propelled by various technological advancements that are helping pave the way to full autonomy. This report looks at the worldwide patent applications relating to AV technologies published in 2009-2018. Specifically, it covers 4 technology domains

- sensor technologies,
- navigation and localisation,
- decision making, and
- communication.

In addition to providing a quick overview of the current trends and the technology leaders in the respective domains, this report also provides insights into the race to innovate in tomorrow’s mobility solutions.

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